FAQ B&B Hospital

Frequently Asked Questions

Appointments and Consultation

Question: How soon can I make an appointment for consultation?
Answer: Same day appointments are available. Please call 5544800 for General OPD and call 5554435 for Special OPD

Question: I do not know which doctor I should consult. What should I do?
Answer: Our staff would be able to advise you on this. Just contact us with as much information about your condition via our inquiries 5544800

Question: What medical information should I bring with me?
Answer: It would be great if you could bring along as much medical information as you could.

Question: How long does it take to schedule a surgery after my consultation with the doctor?
Answer: This would depend on the complexity of the surgery can usually be arranged within two to four days of the consultation or even earlier.

Question: Do I need a doctor referral for an appointment?
Answer: No, you need not get a doctor referral for an appointment with our doctors.

Question: Can I consult a specialist without an appointment?
Answer: Yes, you can consult a specialist without an appointment but we will need to slot you in whatever available timings. It would be encouraged that you get an appointment to prevent needless waiting.


Question: Can I know the estimated costs of surgery prior to my visit to B & B Hospital? 
Answer: Yes, we can arrange for a financial counselor to advise you on the estimated costs. However, this may change so a more detailed financial counseling meeting will be made after the consultation with your doctor.

Direct Billing Arrangements

Question: Is direct billing (cashless) an arrangement available at B&B Hospital?
Answer: Yes, we have agreements with the listed insurance and corporate companies for direct billing arrangement; members of such companies can enjoy the cashless service facility.