Department of


Departmental Services

  • Microsurgery of the ear under the microscope (Myringoplasty, Tympanoplasty, Modified Radical Mastoidectomy, Stapedectomy), Ventilation Tube Insertion (VTI), Foreign Body Removal
  • Surgery of the nose: Septoplasty, SMR, Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Bilateral Antrum washout (BAWO)
  • Surgery of the throat: Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy, Micro Laryngeal Surgery
  • Head and Neck Surgery: Audiometry, Tympanometry, Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR), Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs), Hearing Aid Service, Ear Mould Services


Dr. Inku Shrestha Basnet
Dr. Inku Shrestha Basnet